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Vinyl Plank

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Wood SPC Flooring is a new innovative environmental flooring.

It’s made of pure natural solid wood veneer and 100% virgin high density SPC.

WSPC flooring can satisfy you all the requirements of flooring, with solid wood grain and nice outer looking, 100% water proof, anti-noise, E0 grade formaldehyde free, strict resistance, durable and stable, convenient installation.


Design |  Plan  |  Logistic

No matter the quantity, complexity, design, production, quality control, shipment arrangements, or logistics, Comodo can compensate through an in-house experience team.  Furthermore, we hold strong relationships with Italian and South East Asian suppliers to directly link suppliers to clients.

Installation  |  Site coordination

We take pride on our installation and site coordination teams to efficiently and effectively execute our large scale projects. With our consistency and adaptability, Comodo has built trust within our factories and clients.  

Large Scale Specialization

Comodo shines best within large scale operations as a consequence of our experience and commitment to every project. Construction offices often place orders, that cannot be undergone on the construction site. However, with our adaptability and efficiency, Comodo provides solutions and executes them with ease. As a result, our reliability turns all our clients into frequent customers. 

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