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About Us


China | Hong Kong


Seattle | Los Angeles | Chicago | Orlando


Vancouver | Toronto | Calgary | Halifax

Our Mission

Cost Efficiency

With China-sourced procurement and decades of experience with Chinese factories, Comodo strives to find the best prices for high quality materials and products for all their clients.

Simplify the Construction Process

From Chinese factories, to construction sights across the globe, Comodo handles the entire process to make construction as simple as possible for clients. Along this process, Comodo upholds excellent communication within our company to ensure nothing goes wrong while maintaining transparent communication with our clients throughout the entire process.

Strive for the Best Possible Execution

With over 15 years of experience on hotel and high-rise construction and renovation projects, Comodo excels in understanding the construction field with their gained experience and knowledge of standards and regulations. 

Quality Products

With Comodo's large background in design and construction, our project engineers implement subtle details into ever product to maximize strength, durability, and longevity under regulations. Moreover, we put our products through rigorous testing to guarantee the genuine reliability of our products. 

Meet Our Team

  • Andrew Yuen

    China Chairman

    Simon Yuen

    Founder & CEO of Comodo

  • Director

    Project Team

    Procurement Team

    Brook Gao

    Senior Project Manager

    Cindy Li

    Senior Project Manager

    Ying Feng

    Project Manager

    Jerry Li

    Project Manager

    Jessie Mo

    Project Coordinator

    Kathy Qu

    Project Coordinator

    Jasmine Jiang

    Project Coordinator

    Judy Ye

    Senior Procurement Coordinator

    Ariel Zhu

    Senior Procurement Coordinator

    Janice Liu

    Junior Procurement Coordinator

    Lisa Liang

    Junior Procurement Coordinator

    Project Engineering Team

    Quality Control Team

    Accounting & Shipping

    Linda Zhong


    Jenny Wu

    Accountant - Procurement

    Della Zhu

    China Admin / Controller

    Lulu Chen

    In-House Designer/Project Engineer

    Chris Tao

    Project Engineer

    Su Su

    Project Engineer

    King Ye

    Project Engineer

    Liam Yin

    Quality Control

    Mou Mo

    Quality Control

  • Andrew Lee

    Art Director

    Dickson Shum

    Mechanical Engineer

    Jennifer Wong

    Chief Accountant

  • Seattle

    Toto Lin

    Seattle Admin

    Danny Zhou

    Seattle Project Director

    Hirra Yang

    Seattle Site Foreman

    Los Angeles

    Ade Li

    Chicago Site Foreman + Coordinator

    Yani Curz

    LA Project Director

    Karina Curz

    LA Admin

    Arturo Hernandez

    LA Site Foreman

    Marvin Ruano

    LA Site Foreman

    Manny Morilla

    LA Site Foreman


  • Nordia Brown

    Canada Admin

    Kathryn Qi

    North America Shipper

    Jin Feng

    Toronto Site Coordinator

    Paul Peng

    Vancouver Site Coordinator

    Li Ren

    Calgary Site Coordinator

    Dennis Leung

    Computer System Engineer

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