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    Waterfall Systems

    Customizable in size and features, our waterfall walls and fountains are long lasting with carefully engineered water systems. Moreover, we can provide lighting effects.

    3D Wood

    With material options of PVC, solid wood, 3D print wall coverings and more, Comodo can custom design any 3D pattern. If desired, we also can provide rendering drawings.


    Our upholstery wall surface materials come in a large selection of choices, even including wood veneers. Comodo's upholstery walls are also mountable for different 3D wood shapes with acoustic backing.


    Design build your feature wall. On top also available with Interactive LED color 3D Dance Floor

    Plexi Glass / Glass / Mirrors

    Mirror, Glass and different type of finishing on any 3D patterns. See more options by clicking in

  • Green Walls

    Rejuvenate Any Space with Natural Colored Artificial Green Walls 


    HPL Phenolic Panels

    Primarily used for color boards, HPL Phenolic Panels provide excellent UV, scratch, and import resistance.

    HPL Plank Board Panels

    Create an eco-friendly decorative interior and exterior with WPC wooden wall panels.

    Fiber Concrete & GFRC

    Glassfiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has a vast list of benefits including being light-weight, eco-friendly, water and damp proof, fire-proof, sound-insulating, high durability, anti-seismic and impact resistance, heat insulation and preservation, thermal insulation, fast/easy construction, and high longevity.

    Fiber Cement Panels

    Widely used in civil, commercial, and industrial building as ceiling systems, wall partition systems, and stick wall systems, fiber cement panels are an extremely durable material with high environmental resistances.

    Hybrid Aluminum Wood-Plastic Composites

    Made from two excellent materials, Hybrid Aluminum & Wood-Plastic composites are incredibly sustainable, low maintenance, and easily installable. Furthermore, they are anti-slip, anti-insect, anti-termite, fire resistant, UV resistant, and waterproof.

    Honeycomb Panels

    With a honeycomb structured interior, honeycomb panels are incredibly lightweight while being anti-Static, antibacterial, fireproof, mold-proof, and overall durable.


    Including limestone, marble, granite, porcelain, and quartz. Our stone panels come in a vast selection of colors and textures, giving incredible variety. At Comodo, we also can procure thin veneer stones on honeycomb panels for a more lightweight option.

    Wall Brackets, Substructures, and Components

    Our wall brackets, substructures, and components are composed of an aluminum alloy, light weight, durable, aging and corrosion resistant, convenient to assemble, and easy maintenance.

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