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  •  Brand Name: Comodo

  • Opening Style:  Hinged, Fixed, Electric

  •  Thermal Insulation:  U≤ 4.5W/㎡K

  •  Acoustic Performance:  ≤ 50 DB

  •  Air Tightness:  N/A

  •  Wind Load Resistance:  ≥ 1.6 KPa

  •  Water Penetration:  ≥ 400Pa

  •  Standard:  AS2047, NFRC

  •  Warranty: 10 Years

  •  Application: Residential, Commercial

  •  Performance: Thermal Broken, Soundproof

  •  Main Market: CANADA, USA

  • Hi-Tech profile and reinforced material

  • Reinforced glass fiber thermal insulation bar with high loading capacity

  • Pressure extrusion for higher strength level

  • Coex wire seal to protect against moisture

  • Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglarproofing

  • Truss structure design for increased structural strength

  • Tilt-turn system achieves the AAMA rating of CW-PG60

  • Corner locking key ensures the smooth surface joint and improves corner stability

  • Glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip used for better performance and easier maintenance than standard glue

Technical Specs


Aluminium clad wood window is a mixed system with a high energy conservation, realized with lamellar wood profile or solid wood and external aluminium profile.

They are the answer for that people who love beauty and harmony and for that people who pay attention to energetic conservation and sound insulation.They combine glamour and wood warmth and aluminium resistance, in order to become a window with high performances.

Aluminium profile internal and external are coplanar between them, they are characterized by a level plan that gives the possibility to use them in residential environment in which it is privileged design windows.The attention to design and details is characterized by the possibility to choice a wide range of personalization: different opening typologies, different forms, gaskets and new thermal spacer, a wide range of woods and colours of aluminium, different glass typologies.

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