Comodo Living either source from Original Mill and/or Custom made the fabric in China by matching original contents, rub count and more.

This is one of the strongest field for Comodo Living. We are capable to access over 100 mills directly in China. Most of them are direct supplier to the North America wholeseller / distributor. 

Other than paying USD 25 to 100 per yeard, we manage to drop thecost down 
from 50 - 90%. However, there is always a mininum to order with different mills. And most of the time starts only at 50 meters.

We understand the difficult to distribute and manage products on site. No matter how good is the product, packaging is the KEY. All our products are heavyly packed with proper labelling. We usually shipped floor by floor incontainers. Details are subject to discuss with project manager. And the KEY for us is USER FRIENDLY.

In most of the projects, we deal with project principle and designer directly. Designer that knowing us well do agree with our abilities. We can custom make furniture, lighting, fabric and others which base on only a picture and specification.

This takes lot of experience and knowing the standard of different developers and hotel chains. Yearly, we custom build over 1,000 pieces of items and approved by designer.

For new clients, we usually invite the project manager, designer and their team to China to see quality and sign off the prototype. We also guarantee the delivery time frame at all time.
Comodo creates its own shop-dawing. Not only to fulfill the conditions and communicates with designer/owners. The major reason is to communicate with China Factories. There is a huge gap between China and Western Culture. AND there is not much suppliers in China understand the mechansim of construction and projects in North America.      
soft good           case good                        stone                             fabric                             finsihing

Internally, Comodo Living has a standard guideline for our quality control with all our agents across South China.
1)  Raw Material control - we have to ensure the quality from very beginning. Factories are using what had agreed and the contents matching the specification.
2) Semi-products / Parts contrrol - this is important to ensure the workmanship and the fine details
3) Pre-finishing control - prior to products going to do the final finishing, like lacquer or upholstery. Mostly after assembly
4) Pre-packing control - we call this open box control. There is no surprise on finishing, dent and a complete satisfy products prior to packing
5) Packaging control - Lot of shipping damage is not under control without this particular QC process. Most item need to have 3 feet drop test   

Comodo Living is a ONE STOP SOLUTION for clients. We manage it all from the time you order to delivery to your project site. We works with multi ship line, brokages, Canada/US custom. We have our own registered licence to import multi produts into US and Canada market. Over USD 10 million insurance in place.