Olympic Village Exterior Overiew
Olympic Village Interior & Supplies Overiew

                  Winter Olympic 2010 Vancover. We are really proud being one of the supplier 
                  for furniture & lighting in the Olympic Village build by Millennium Group, and 
                  design by Chill Design Group,,   
                  an Vancouver based architecture and interior design firm specializing in high 
                  end resorts and hotels.
             The Olympic Village is one of the greenest communities in the world, 
                  making Vancouver a leader in sustainable development.In keeping with 
                  Vancouver's Greenest City targets, the Olympic Village uses innovative energy 
                  efficiency and sustainability systems like solar heating and green roofs.

                  Located in Southeast False Creek, the Olympic Village was built for the 2010 
                  Winter Olympic Games, to house athletes and Olympic officials coming from 
                  across the world.

                  After the Olympics, the Olympic accommodation became residential housing.  
                  The development aligns with the City's goals, addressing environmental, 
                  economic, and social issues. 

                  The Olympic Village is a mixed-use community, with approximately 1,100 
                  residential units, area parks, and a growing number of retail and service