Comodo Living was formed by two brothers. They were born and raised in China and Hong Kong.  They migrated with their parents to Canada in the 1980's. The elder brother built a business in furniture manufacturing and retailing in Canada over a period of twenty years, including his own warehouse and retail stores. The younger brother worked as a developer and builder for over 15 years in Calgary, Alberta.   Because they were raised in Hong Kong and China, they are armed with an understanding of both eastern and western cultures, and this combined with their years of experience in the field have given them a strong in-depth basis for knowing the difference in products, workmanship and other competitive factors in the furnishings industry.  This in turn gives them advantages as importers for the hospitality and builder supply industries.

In 2007 they finally joined forces and began working together as a team.  With their combined knowledge in both furniture and the real estate market over fifteen years in Canada, they are able to understand the need for quality and after-sale service demanded in the western culture. By the same token, because of their knowledge of the mother language and their experience growing up in China and Hong Kong, they are better able than most to understand the business culture and understand the production, management, raw materials and perhaps most of all the differences between the two sides of the world.

As a result, in less than 5 years, Comodo Living has established itself solidly in the Canadian market as a supplier and importer for the hospitality industry and for builders/developers, not only for cost savings, but in their ability to deliver all kinds of products from China and elsewhere in the Far East that meet and exceed Canadian standards.   As part of their effort to achieve these results, they used their resources from Canada, by hiring all kinds of experts and engineers from Canada to do quality control and educate the Chinese agents, manufacturers and others in this stream of commerce.  As with any other importer, it took years of experience and the occasional failure to learn.  The end result is that all items that are listed in this site have been well established with both the quality and proven succeed in Canadian Market.
The most common issue for prospective clients, and the most difficult, is to create well-founded trust between us and those clients.

As Canadians in this industry, the most important thing to us is our REPUTATION.  It is not a matter of how well we can present our proposals, or how well we can sugar coat our words. It is a matter of proof, and performance.   As preliminary evidence of our previous performance, please first see this link: as our reference. We can provide contact names to verify the content of this presentation.  The second step is usually preparation of shop drawings and prototypes.  For each product, we will provide shop drawings or specifications for your approval and build prototypes according to those drawings and specifications.  We also always invite you and your team to China for final inspection and review of our prototypes.  Of equal importance is the combination of our experience and our Canadian engineering support.   Everything we deliver comes with cUL certifiication or other required compliance.  Internally, our quality control insures adherence to these very high standards which guarantee the delivery of products whose value is much greater than their cost.

.Finally, many Chinese factories have been established for years supplying the North American Market. We only work with those that have good references and have been successful before with our projects.   Our manufacturers typically provide a minimum one-year factory warranty, and Comodo Living carries out these warranties in Canada.

Comodo Living understands that as a developer or project owner you need a right hand man to take care of the whole process without any hassles. You need to insure that the savings made by importing from China are accompanied by a process that your general contractor and your trades can live with it.  We believe that we are the partner you are looking for. We manage all the design and production either in our joint venture's factories, or through on-site quality control in other factories, typically twice per week or more often during production. We arrange all the internal transportation in China, and are able to mix output from multiple factories and suppliers all over China into one container. We manage all the export documents directly. We handle China Customs declarations ourselves, dealing with all duties, inspections and other issues that may arise in China. 

Then we arrange and work with high quality international shippers to arrange delivery of your container to any port you designate.   We also work with international brokers as needed to clear all customs, pay the required duties and handle delivery-end matters such as container inspection.

Last of all, we will arrange shipping from the port to your designated door / location. In many cases, we can manage to ship less than a full container and ship directly to your door.

Since both owners are from Canada and experienced in Canadian business, the company is well connected with all the necessary firms and services including brokerage, transportation, customs clearance houses, commission sales and after-service teams. You can contact us anytime 24/7 since the firm is functioning in both Canada and China.   We guarantee response to queries and problems in less than 24 hours.  One of the key differences in our group is that all our internal staff are home-based, in both Canada and China.

This home basing concept is relatively new in China but it has been solidly proved by our group. Part of the reason, and also a positive result, is that up to this point, we never have any key staff member quit employment with us. Our China team is well situated in various locations in southern China. Since they are home based, usually they can be in the factories within 1 hour.

Our managerial and supervisory staff members typically have more than 10 years experience in different kinds of factories prior to working in our firm. We have experts in different fields and areas. Also as a result of our low turnover and years of training, our staff managers are now very knowledgeable of North American standards.  It has taken years of education, trial and error, to bring together our successful crew.  Our staffs’ and factories’ years of experience insure that your orders will be successfully carried out.

At the end of the day, we will not take any order or develop any products that we are not either already familiar with or certain that we can produce and deliver to our high standards. We need to ensure 100% success to keep our reputation and continue to maintain our high-performance staff and crew.
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